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The Digital Policy Alliance (EURIM) is the politically neutral, cross-party policy voice of the internet and technology sector.

Informing policy for a competitive, inclusive, networked society.

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DPA Working Group Aims:

Rt Hon. Baroness Neville-Jones DCMG
Parliamentary Chairman of Securing the Internet of Things Subgroup
“To produce a well drafted three or four page document setting out the main issues to be covered by security by design policy”.

Lord Lucas
Parliamentary Chairman of 21CN Skills Working Group
"My interest is in improving the ability of parents and students to make well informed choices on education, training and careers. Brexit increases the importance of enabling our children and grandchildren to acquire skills in global demand and of enabling and encouraging UK employers to update their current workforce rather than rely on imported talent. The Digital Policy Alliance gives me the opportunity to help bring together those serious about co-operating across organisational and political boundaries to turn problems into opportunities and to deliver tangible actions and results in the common good. I am bored with spending time on reports and recommendations for others to admire and ignore."

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