“BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, welcomes the close working relationship it has with EURIM* on many initiatives to inform and influence Government policy related to computing issues.”

Adam Thilthorpe, BCS Director of Communications, Policy and Public Affairs

“In a world where co-operation, co-opetition and co-regulation are ever more essential, “EURIM” forms a vital bridge between Government/Politicians, Technology, and related Business Issues, bringing in both the EU and the global dimensions.”

John G Bullard, Global Ambassador, IdenTrust

"Since joining in the EURIM working groups in 2003 I have found active participation in EURIM to be invaluable. As a representative of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, and a number of large Government programmes I have found the collaboration and information sharing enabled by EURIM very beneficial. It is one of few forums able to provide critical insight and knowledge about how the relevant sectors are developing and moving forward. Most importantly I find the working groups the ideal source for unbiased, impartial advice. EURIM is also critical in providing the same advice to ministers and peers, keeping them abreast of developments in large government ICT programmes and the wider European and industry influences in these sectors."

Andy Smith, EURIM representative for the BCS Security Community of Expertise

* EURIM Limited, trading as the Digital Policy Alliance